Example PoBs

Disclaimer: These example PoBs show several different setups and how to gain specific things
like immunities or spell suppression. They might or might not work out of the box.
Always check with the calculator whether your own build works.

The PoBs provided below are outdated for 3.25.

You can find a lot more example PoBs on the discord!

Table of Contents

  1. Budget
    1. 5d early league
    2. Level 80/70 POB
  2. Low Investment
  3. High Investment
    1. 100d+ 33 Million DPS - Tanky Suppression Version
    2. Gigatank looper - Delve Depth 600 by @fettrecon
    3. 500-1000d and omni variants
  4. Other build variants


3.22 ~5d early league


Level 80/70 POB

https://pobb.in/VkJRFt-dyw6X For Level 70, you can remove Jewel Sockets near Scion Top Area, you will lose resistances, but that's ok

Low Investment 10-20d


High Investment

100d+ 33 Million DPS - Tanky Suppression Version


Cheaper option

Just drop Progenesis, empower 4, awakened gems and the build will suddenly become 50 divines cheaper

You can use Empower Support Level 2, in helm for level 20 skeleton and use a cheap amulet/Pandemonius as well.
This will save 10 divines in amulet craft.
Buy cheaper cluster jewels.

And try to get 1270+  ward.

Gigatank looper - Delve Depth 600 by @fettrecon


Budget - At least 300 divines
Starting Cost - 50 divines


Cost 500-1000 divines


https://pobb.in/oBjx9WE-j_st - Omni Version

Progenesis Flask, Ailment Immune, Curse Immune, 2600 life, 1300 Ward, Spell Suppression

Magebane body armour is not required, the timeless jewel can be shifted to right side near Acrobatics keystone
To make a cheaper version, remove the expensive items.
Remove Sublime Vision, Forbidden flesh/flame. Remove Double Watchers.
Buy cheaper Rare Jewels.
Use Progenesis only when you can afford it, and have 2500 or more life.

Omni Endgame PoB 3.23 - 350 million dps by @B̸̓͌Î̴͠R̵̔̋Ề̴ https://pobb.in/0bDz46Eublqq